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Football Club 'Does a Radiohead' [Aug. 26th, 2009|07:30 pm]
Mark Hanson

I've posted before about how social media is ideal for movements to unite behind a common aim and raise money through small donations.

My eyes were drawn to
FC United, a non-league football club (or soccer team if you're part of the Inde's burgeoning US audience) and their initiative to generate funds for the start of the new season. This was the team that was formed by rank-and-file Manchester United fans who were disgusted by the Glazer family's takeover of the club. I've had my eye on FC United for a year or so as I think its good that the ordinary fan should strike back against the prawn sandwich brigade but also because the movement-building potential is so great using social media.
The potential has just been demonstrated by a
Radiohead-style offer to fans, taking the unprecedented step of saying to supporters “pay however much you can afford for your Season Ticket”. Their aim was to raise £125000, which they have by selling more than 1000 tickets. 

Jules Spencer spoke on behalf of the club: “A lot of people said we were brave and ambitious to introduce such a scheme, some questioned whether we were being foolish, but we said right from the start that we trusted supporters. Why shouldn’t we? It’s their club after all”

“It has worked exactly as we’d hoped it would. Some supporters who could afford to pay a bit more than they did last year, have done. But importantly those who could not afford to pay as much as the season before have been able to renew their tickets, by paying less”

Here here! Watch this space for more.